[78-L] Record collecting week 4, turntables

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Tue May 1 11:02:58 PDT 2012

Ummmmm, a bit of mis-information here. Not all tone arms are straight! I have several tables with s-curve tonearms, and my SME tonearm-waiting-for-revival-of-the Fons is a bent arm!

Perhaps a better verbage choice would be "look out for tonearms that (1) are noticeably off-alignment on the gimbal mount, (2) have dents in the tubular structure, and/or (3) do not move smoothly across the playback arc."

Oh, and as for idler turntables? There ARE a couple of good ones... my ELAC is an idler, my old Lenco was an idler (need to get THAT thing back in service!)... and for portable 'audition' players, you can't beat the old school Califone players.

Still waiting to see if anyone here is or knows of an expert with Fons turntables... I seriously need to get that one back in service.


On 01/05/12 18:02, Ken Matheson wrote:
> One thing to watch out for with used DJ turntables is a bent tome arm.
Someone needs to be brought to book!

      Julian Vein

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