[78-L] Grammatical error on Grey Gull and on Victor

J. E. Knox rojoknox at metroeast.org
Mon Apr 30 14:37:27 PDT 2012

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David Lennick wrote:

> Weren't there a couple of Fats Waller titles that were reversed and  
> stayed that
> way?

"The Minor Drag" and "Harlem Fuss" on Victor V-38050. At least that's  
what Rust-JR says; I wonder on what basis he made that determination.  
Both titles are credited to Fats as composer; both are Take 2. Not  
sure how you could really tell unless you had V-38050 and one of the  
reissues of "The Minor Drag" (Bluebird B-10185, Victor 20-1583,  
various LPs) and could compare. And that would presume the reissues  
are correctly labeled. I've yet to acquire V-38050. The tune labeled  
"The Minor Drag" on Victor 20-1583-B starts out in C minor (which  
suggests it's probably correctly titled). Is that the case with  
V-38050-A (the side labeled "The Minor Drag")?

EDVR has these sides listed, but nothing there discusses a side  
reversal, accidental or otherwise.

This YouBoob page shows V-38050-A playing, and it's the same tune as  
on 20-1583-B:


This much more recent performance on the 'Boob is also the same tune  
and title (nearly note-for-note off the record):


But here's another recent video of that tune under the "Harlem Fuss"  


I dunno...Would sure like to have some definitive info on this  
purported title swap. So far it seems to be just Brian Rust's say-so.

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