[78-L] Grammatical error on Grey Gull and on Victor

J. E. Knox rojoknox at metroeast.org
Mon Apr 30 12:03:05 PDT 2012

Greetings from FixitLand!

Han Enderman wrote:

>>> Even Victor makes errors. My favorite is:
>>> Vic 21574-A by Jimmie Rodgers was titled on the first edition
>>> "My Little Old Home Town In New Orleans", which was corrected to  
>>> "... Down...".
>>> Reportedly the error reappears on Bluebird B-5609.
>>> And names of composers have evident misspellings:
>>> 20778 Davenport Blues (Bix Biederbecks);
>>> 22049 Some Of These Days (Shelton Brookes);
>>> 21998 S'Posin' (Andy Razof-...);
>>> 20460 Hot Notes (Rodermich-...);
>>> 21703 Got Everything But You (...-Rezaf);
>>> 22691 Ho-Hum (...-Dana Suese).

David Lennick wrote:

>> How about the Xavier Cugat 78 on Victor with vocal by Dinah SHAW?

Mike Daley wrote:

> Strictly speaking these are typographical errors and not  
> grammatical errors. I can't recall having seen a your/you're or  
> it's/its error elsewhere.

True enough...and I might mention Victor's occasional "--Fox Frot,"  
"--Tox Trot" or even "--Fox" without a Trot at all. Also saw one with  
"Fox Tro" missing the last 't'.

It's not a 78, but I just got a copy of The 4 Seasons' "Big Girl's  
Don't Cry" [sic] on Vee-Jay...and there's "Pipeline" by the Chantay's  
[sic] on Dot...

Take care,

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