[78-L] Week 2, Obtaining records to restore

Ken Matheson kenmath at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 16 13:59:49 PDT 2012

Week 2
      Obtaining records.
      When obtaining records to restore it is best to get
the best condition records possible. The better the
condition the better the finished restoration.
      Let me start by saying no 2 people like the same
records. So it is best not to buy too many complete
collections unless there are many good trading items
in the bunch. Filling the house and garage with old
records causes marital strife.  I have done well
paying $1 each for just the ones I want. However 
occasionally I buy complete collections. I have paid up
to $60 for a record, but prefer the $1 each. Also a
good source of music comes from 45s, LPs, and CDs.
I prefer to restore 78s myself, but sometimes I can
not obtain the songs I want. So I turn to someone
else’s  restoration on CDs, or LPs. And don’t forget
the radio and TV for sources of music. 45s will sneak in
and take over your collection if you let them and many
times they have been abused. LPs and 45s however are
easier to restore. All media will need some restoration,
even CDs. I set the level on everything I put on MP3s.
There seems to be no standard level for commercial
media of any kind. 

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