[78-L] I have an Edison Diamoond Disc player too!!!

Ron L'Herault lherault at bu.edu
Sun Apr 15 19:45:37 PDT 2012

Oh, but the diamonds do wear and I have Scanning Electron Micrographs to
prove it.

Ron L

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Hi 78ers!

Today, I took possession of a proper 'Edison (Diamond) Disc Phonograph'.
It's floor standing on four legs and has a couple of small cupboards either
side of the turntable!
It set me back ?250 or about $375 but now I can play my Diamond discs and
hear them properly!

(smug smile) ;-)

Earl Okin.



I have an Edison floor model, (Canadians will recognize it as the model that
Dr. Ogden has on "Murdoch Mysteries" although it's a mystery how she
obtained a 1917 model phonograph in 1895).  I first saw this machine when I
was an usher in a wedding in 1973;  it belonged to the bride's mother and I
asked them to let me know if they ever planned to part with it.  Well about
7 years ago the lady passed away and the family passed it on to mel  It came
with the lower record compartment full of records and it works very well.  I
had the Gramophone Doctor, (Bob Nix of Sarnia), check it out and he found
that it was working fine and that the stylus was as good as new.  One
advantage of these machines, (which, although it's a disc player is properly
called a "Phonograph"), is that the diamond stylus doesn't wear because the
vertically cut grooves don't exert the same stresses on it as laterally cut
grooves would.  Although Edison didn't have an ear for good  music, (most of
his records were hymn tunes, "coon songs", marches and minor classical
excerpts), he produced a product which was sonically superior to lateral
recordings of the day.  I believe that so many Edison records met their
demise because people tried to play them on normal players and decided to
trash them because they were so worn out that you can barely hear them, (on
a normal player they produce little more than surface noise).

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