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On 2012-04-09 07:25, David Weiner wrote:
> There's a great new book about the band - The Band that Played On: The
> Extraordinary Story of the 8 Musicians Who Went Down with the Titanic, by
> Steve Turner.  Just finished it and I recommend it highly.
> Dave Weiner

So do I.
And there's another one by Christopher Ward, grandson of Jock Hume: "And 
The Band Played On - The Titanic Violinist and the Glovemaker: a True 
Story of Love, Loss and Betrayal" (Hodder & Stoughton 2011).

There are several albums (both on CD and digital) with music that the 
Titanic ensemble (or ensembles, the musicians performed as a trio and a 
quintet) supposedly played. Some of these collections have used any 
contemporary material, others have been more true to The White Star Line 
Songbook, the booklet with 341 titles that each member of the ensemble 
received from the booking agency; it was also given to all first class 
passengers. An interesting detail is that only a few popular tunes from 
the immediately preceding years are listed, and only one rag; that was 
"Alexander's Ragtime Band" - which wasn't a rag itself.

As for songs from 1912: here they are:



My weekly music programme on Swedish Radio will present music about 
Titanic and "from" Titanic this Friday.

Tune in: Rendezvous - 75 minutes of laidback music from the 1920's till 
tomorrow. Fridays at 6.04 pm CET on Channel 2, Swedish Radio.
Streaming at www.sr.se/p2/rendezvous

On 4/9/12 12:10 AM, "Philip Carli" <Philip_Carli at pittsford.monroe.edu> 
>> There were a number of British releases in 1912 on the sinking; some of
>> them were to benefit the Titanic Relief Fund, set up to benefit crewmen
>> and other service members (and some passengers) whose families were left
>> destitute by the tragedy. These songs, notably "Be British" on
>> Edison-Bell Winner disc and British Edison cylinder, are a little hard to
>> listen to to-day because of their rather strident patriotism, but they
>> gave comfort and support to their original audiences whose various faiths
>> had been completely shattered in ways many did not realize.
>> In Walter Lord's 1986 THE NIGHT LIVES ON, he mentions how shabbily the
>> ship's legendary orchestra was treated both before and after the event,
>> with at least one family (the parents of violinist Jock Hume) being
>> dunned for uniform expenses by the Liverpool booking agency who had
>> placed their son on the TITANIC.  The body of violinist Wallace Hartley,
>> the ship's prinicipal musician, was recovered by the morgue ship MACKAY
>> BENNETT and eventually given what amounted to a state funeral in his home
>> town of Colne, Lancashire. PC
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