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Just an OT comment. This was Lauritz Melchior, perhaps the greatest 
Wagnerian tenor ever, who along with Robert Merrill was banished from the 
Metropolitan opera by that A...H.... Metropolitan Opera's General Manager 
Rudolf Bing. Merrill for having the gall to appear in a Hollywood film and I 
believe Melchior for the same reason.
Al S.
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> http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/culture/stephenhough/100061612/his-masters-voice-horn-wax-and-needle/
> I don't know what movie this is, someone please tell me, but it is one
> hilarious depiction of the acoustic recording process. I remember seeing
> it on late night TV when I was a child. I remember the part about the
> dog specifically.
> The dog jumps up on the table and someone remarks "His Master's Voice"
> "Just a few minnits in the acid and you can hear the record".
> Melchior, that part is real.
> And those phoney mustaches! Hey, is that Toscanini in the middle foto?
> Why are classical musicians always depicted like this in earlier films?
> Thanks to Stephen Hough, a real classical musician and one of the finest
> pianists alive today, for posting this.
> -- 
> Joe Salerno
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