[78-L] Very western sounding Japanese dance band

Ken Matheson kenmath at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 09:39:24 PDT 2012

A person would be surprised to find how much really good
music is out there that they have never heard or heard of.
A warning, don’t start listening to foreign music, you may
start to like it. Up to a number of years ago I thought the
only great musicians were black American. There are
many top notch musicians and singers in foreign countries,
and the US.
Some foreign countries have taken their own and other
countries music and gave it an American touch. The
Japanese have taken Tanko Bushi, which is a traditional
Bon Odori dance tune and given it a Jazz update. The name
is Tanko Bushi Jazz Type , Victor V-40461. The South
Koreans have taken Japanese Enka music and called it Trot,
for Fox Trot.
One may go up on Youtube and put in Woong San. She really
cooks. She does great on many genres, In Korean, English,
and I think French. Misora Hibari and Chiemi Eri to name a
couple of Japanese singers that did western songs on 78.
It is getting more difficult obtaining 78s every day. Junk
dealers are buying them up every chance they get. Not just in
the US but in other countries as well. Chinese records are
difficult to obtain in China due to the Cultural Revelation which
made an effort to destroy all of them. North Korea lags the
world in music. However they are the only country that beats
the US for The greatest percent of the population in prison. If
you play music in North Korea that is not authorized you can
become part of the prison population. That being the case not
much progressive music comes from North Korea.
Thanks to Melcolm I added to my collection of Japanese records.

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