[78-L] The Blues Woman^

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 12 20:58:07 PST 2012

I see Frosty became Bill and Monk became Nick on the next session:
Marion Abernathy
[B1729-7] Buddy Banks
Allen Durham (tb) Buddy Banks (ts) Eddie Beal (p) Bill Pyles (g) Ernie Shepard 
(b) Nick McFay (d) Marion Abernathy (vcl)
Los Angeles, 1945
     Ink splink    Melodisc 1016
     Goin' for the Okey Doke             1017


On 2/12/2012 7:18 PM, Julian Vein wrote:
> On 12/02/12 22:42, David Lennick wrote:
>> What do we know about Marion Abernathy, aka The Blues woman? I just picked this
>> up today..Juke Box 502, first Juke Box pressing I've ever seen that didn't have
>> a million cracks or other defects. Looks as if it was cut and pressed by
>> Capitol (or Radio Recorders and Allied) instead of the usual cheapo Joe Davis
>> cronies.
>> Allen Durham (tb) Buddy Banks (ts) Eddie Beal (p) Frosty Pyles (g) Ernie
>> Shepard (b) Monk McFay (d) Marion Abernathy (vcl)
>> 1945
>>        Voo-it voo-t    Juke Box 502
>>        Cryin' blues            -
>> Many of her other sessions with Buddy Banks, Bob Mosely and Karl George are in
>> Los Angeles so is the above one likely recorded there as well? Lord 7.0 doesn't
>> say (my subscription to Lord Online has expired so I'm back with the old CD-ROM
>> version). She's identified only as The Blues Woman on the Juke Box labels..how
>> come?
>> dl
>> _______________________________________________
>> Frosty Pyles is one of my favourite names. Sounds like one way of curing those backpassage irritations!
>        Julian Vein

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