[78-L] The Rhythm Rockers featuring Chet Atkins

agp agp2176 at verizon.net
Fri Aug 12 14:05:40 PDT 2011

In digging throug my my stuff I ahppened across on old RCA 45 rpm DJ 
EP -- RCA Victor DJ-56, This disk combined singles 47-6808 - Tricky 
b/w Peanut Vendor by the Rhythm Rockers featuring Chet Atkins - with 
47-6807 Die, I Thought I Would b/w That's What Sweethearts Do by Myrna Lorrie.

Leaving Myrna Lorrie to the side, I want to ask if anyone has any 
background on who the Rhythm Rockers were. Both track are a tasty 
slice of music and Atkins is at his best.

I do see the Rhythm Rockers track did appear as a 78 according to my 
research (and Steve Abrams site) -- 20 prefix instead of 47

And -- even though its not directly 78 related -- does anyone knwo 
the extent and purpose of this RCA DJ EP series


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