[78-L] RIP Billy Grammer

agp agp2176 at verizon.net
Fri Aug 12 03:39:52 PDT 2011

At 02:59 12/08/2011, DL wrote:
>And no I've never seen it on 78.

I do own a copy, and it is a fairly non-descript label, black with 
silver print. It seems to me that it is relatively common at least 
measured by the fact that it comes up on eBay around a few times a year.

Don't know if it was out anywhere else in the world, but it would 
possibly be on London American/ London International

I'd do an image of it, but mine is packed away. There is one on eBay 
right now, though:


How can I tell a Compo pressing from Victor one, apart from whether 
its broken or not?


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