[78-L] The Columbia Laughing Record?

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 11 19:51:52 PDT 2011

Egad..I've had it in just about every format except the late 45 Mike Biel 
refers to. Original OKeh, late 20s laminated OKeh, mid 30s dub on Vocalion, c. 
1950 vinyl OKeh DJ pressing (twice), Happy Face LP and a Boris Rose lp where 
it's played THREE TIMES in succession.

Ever hear "Laughing Record" on Silvertone? Not to be believed. Originally 
titled The Worst Rose of Summer, by Vaughn de Leath, and it sounds as if it 
uses a Gennett sound effects record instead of real laughers. Horrible.


On 8/11/2011 4:05 PM, Stewart, Joseph R wrote:
> Rodger Holtin wrote,
> "I must be the only guy on the list who does not own a copy of the famous OKeh Laughing Record..."
> Actually, no, you're not.  I don't have a copy of it.  Never even seen one up close. Of course, flea markets in this area (southwest Missouri) are (to borrow from Monty Python) so  "uncontaminated" by shellac it's not even... funny.
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