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All of the recordings you list are different from each other but they are the same premise -- someone starts playing and hits a clinker and some starts laughing and the player can't continue without further messing and also laughing.  I actually found the Columbia when I was a kid years before finding my first copy of the OKeh, and i prefer the Columbia.  Actually I prefer "The (Spike) Jones Laughing Record" best of all

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The Columbia Laughing Record?
I must be the only guy on the list who does not own a copy of the famous OKeh Laughing Record – or do I?   Some years ago there was considerable discussion of the OLR here and I learned that it showed up in a lot of places and even as late as the 45rpm era on the back of some rhythm & blues tune, if I remember right.  Don’t recall all the others, but yesterday I picked up a green Columbia “gold band” label (for those unfamiliar, it looks like all those Ted Lewis A-series blue labels, only in green.  I've only seen a few international greens in all my years in the shellac mines.)  In black on both sides it says “International.” 
Tiles are: “The Spoiled Cornet Solo – Laughing Record – Comic” catalog E 7796 (mx 88778); flip is “Sicilian Roses – Instrumental – Instrumental Dance Sextette” (mx 88742) all of which looks strange in black print, the remaining label name, patents, etc in the usual gold.  (Some of the black has peeled off leaving white "print" behind.)  Judging the label layout indicates 1922-1923.  
Is this the same recording as the famous Oken Laughing Record?  It sounds like the same format, but I have not heard the Okeh in 45+ years.  This one has a woman and a man laughing, and their voices and inflections sound (to me, anyway) very, very much like the same pair who made the Cameo Laughing record, which I have.  The flip is so poorly played that it seems like middle school band the first day back from vacation, so I’m guessing this to be the companion piece by design.  I found this laughing record in the Abrams files showing this issue and mx with a recording date of 10/??/22, and the Okeh shows up there, too, with a recording date of 11/04/22.  Same recording, different mx numbers?  The Cameo (#279) also shows up in the Abrama’s list as 10/??/22 and is credited to Al Weston and Irene Young.  (The Cameo is an alto sax butchering "Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms."  I do not recognize the tune on the Columbia.)
Could one of these - the Cameo and/or the Columbia - be the original and the famous OKeh be the copy-cat or dub??


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