[78-L] Agesilao Ferrazzano in Europe

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Perhaps some of the European members of this list can help answer this question. Argentine tango artist Agesilao Ferrazzano left Argentina not long after his final Victor session in Buenos Aires towards the end of 1927 (it was received for processing ca. 1/1/1928) and never returned. He died in Lebanon in 1980, and along the way he is said to have performed variously in Europe, Africa, Brazil and Italy, where he was resident a long time.

According to EDVR, Ferrazzano's Victors were all made in Buenos Aires between 1922 and 1927, despite a source that states some of the 1922 items were made in New York. My question is, does anyone know if Ferrazzano made records outside of Argentina? As he lived so long, one may think this would have to be so, but as no consistent pattern is established for his whereabouts after 1927, maybe not.


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