[78-L] Bermuda TALBOT Brothers INFO WANTED

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net
Tue Aug 9 16:47:14 PDT 2011

Can anyone supply further data on the 78rpm TALBOT BROTHERS recordings?

These appear to be their own productions, and the couplings of the
various sides varies from album to album.

I've only seen albums labeled VOLUME 2
Does anyone have VOLUME 1 ???

The record label SEEMS to be BERMUDA ISLANDS RECORDS, but that does NOT appear on the discs I've seen.

Does anyone know if they were known as BERMUDA TALBOT BROTHERS, or is BERMUDA the name of the album??

The 78rpm album has a cover, and liner inside front cover.
This same cover and liner was used on the AUDIO FIDELITY albums, but
the songs on those LP's are different.

The JAY 10" LP and a UK 10" LP (GTB Vol.1) track lists duplicate the 78's I list below.

There is a BERMUDA RECORDS LP-100 (10"-LP)
  Bermuda in SONGS "Dedicated To You"
which has a cover similar to the 78's Vol.2 but
has mostly different titles - perhaps these
are from a previous (or subsequent!!) 78rpm set.?????

HERE is a list of the 78's I've seen:

T-20     Man Smart Woman Smarter                                      Archie Talbot
T-21     Bermuda Buggy Ride (Sanford Green-Max David)                 Ross "Blackie" Talbot

T-23     She’s Got Freckles on Her But She’s Nice                     Austin Talbot

1001B    But She’s My Buddy’s Chick (Sy Oliver-Cholly Atkinson)       Ross "Blackie" Talbot  102
1002-A-1 Out The Fire (Cecil Anderson) (Calypso)                      Archie Talbot

1003A    Razor Razor (Calypso)                                        Ross "Blackie" Talbot  107
1003B    Hip Hip Hooray (Ebbins-Nemo) Bermuda lyrics Talbot Brothers  Ross "Blackie" Talbot  108

The numbers listed at right for 3 sides appear on disc labels, but not in the wax.  Anyone know what these numbers mean?
The numbers at left are in the wax AND on the label.  Some pressings have a -1 suffix.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Best wishes, Thomas.

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