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BlueRidgeAnnie at aol.com BlueRidgeAnnie at aol.com
Mon Aug 8 17:07:04 PDT 2011

I found your site, when I was researching old red vinyl records.  I  didn't 
know if this would be a forum for someone with records to sell, or  if it 
is only for people who want to discuss their collections.  
I have a great many old records which belonged to mother's brother.  My 
uncle, who I never met, loved to listen to his records, according to my  
grandmother.  He died in 1950 or 1951 in his early 20's coming home for  
Christmas, and she kept them for almost 50 years.  I found  them after my grandmother 
passed away in 1998.  

All of the records are LP's from the 1940's, before his  death.  I have 
several sets and some individual records.  I have  Sinatra and others.  Many 
are the red vinyl.  Most are in very good  condition, in their original boxes 
and sleeves.
I don't know much about these records but know neither I nor my children  
would ever appreciate them as much as a collector would.  I don't want to  
sell them to just anyone, but I need to sell them, if only to preserve  them.  
I have them in conditioned storage now, but they deserve  better.
Thank you for anything you have to offer,
Anne Smith

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