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well, at least in the mid-1980s, the ferry between Victoria BC and Port Angeles, WA was still being run as a Black Ball ferry... not anywhere as nicely appointed as the State ferries, though.


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> And, I sense a call for Washington-state songs, to which I
> will NOT include "The Walla Walla Man" (artist forgotten)
> because it has nothing to do with the fine city in the
> southeast corner of the state :)

"Black Ball Ferry Line" by Bing Crosby and the Andrews
Sisters.  Unfortunately, not long after this song was
recorded, the state drove the ferry line into bankruptcy
and nationalized it, so it's now known as Washington
State Ferries.  The last of the ferries listed in the
song were taken out of service only a couple years
ago (the Illahee, Klickitat and Nisqually).

"Seattle Hunch" by Jelly Roll Morton.

And of course ANYTHING by Stan Boreson!

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