[78-L] Puritan 4089

Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Sat Jun 4 15:14:51 PDT 2011

The Puritan 4000 series is very, very rare.
I have seen only a single image:
4102-A J.C. Beck's Orch, Chong (He Come from Hong-Kong).
This recording is not in the old ADBD (how about the new?), but several other Beck recs 
are listed in the Pm 30/33000 series, recd 1919.
Mxs shown for these are in range 421-454, and this fits with David's 408.
Rogers' Band recd for Pm.
Max Vreede (in Storyville 89) said that the only example known in the 4000 series
interlocks with Pm 30000s.
So there may be another reason why there are resemblances to Brunswick(C).

Glenn, is there a Pm issue of Beck's "Chong"?

Han Enderman
>>> Vertical cut Puritan disc, #4089, with 30089A and 30089B in the dead wax. 
Looks like another early vertical Brunswick pair. 
Only 1 matrix number is readable, 408-1X, which is earlier than the numbers Ross 

Laird lists in the Brunswick books.

A side: OH FRENCHY--MEDLEY..Rogers' Band (Walter, presumably)
B side: MARY..Puritan Dance Orchestra

the matrix number is in an identical style to early vertical 
Brunswicks including the BRILLIANT disc I cited here a few weeks ago and which 
was definitely traced to Brunswick.

I thought for sure this was Paramount as well as I'm assuming it's a U.S. Puritan.  
I figured the 30089 matched the catalog number for a vertical Paramount.  But I 

checked the January 1919 listing for NYRL and 30089 is Nona and Roses at Twilight 

by Paramount Dance Orchestra.  So no match here.  Do the labels match the songs?

No match! The pressing and label style look almost identical to the Brilliant 
disc (which appears to be Canadian Brunswick) but this "Mary" isn't the 1920 
one by Hirsch and Harbach, it's by Geo. L. Stoddard and Hugo Frey, published 
1918. Brunswick is looking more likely. The label is gold, rust and black and 
has the girl playing the virginal at the top.


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