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Or some of the Stan & Doug stuff?

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> > And, I sense a call for Washington-state songs, to which I
> > will NOT include "The Walla Walla Man" (artist forgotten)
> > because it has nothing to do with the fine city in the
> > southeast corner of the state :)
> "Black Ball Ferry Line" by Bing Crosby and the Andrews
> Sisters.  Unfortunately, not long after this song was
> recorded, the state drove the ferry line into bankruptcy
> and nationalized it, so it's now known as Washington
> State Ferries.  The last of the ferries listed in the
> song were taken out of service only a couple years
> ago (the Illahee, Klickitat and Nisqually).
> "Seattle Hunch" by Jelly Roll Morton.
> And of course ANYTHING by Stan Boreson!
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