[78-L] Deceased boppers

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jun 1 22:57:38 PDT 2011

On 02/06/11 00:23, Eric Goldberg wrote:
> Whenever a great, yet still promising musician dies, it is shocking. Think of this list of early deaths many of whom recorded in the later days of the 78.
> The road claimed a number of great be bop players: Clifford Brown. Richie Powell and Doug Watkins.
> And let's not forget early deaths from illness that took Booker Little (23 from kidney failure), Eric Dolphy (35 diabetes complications), John Coltrane (who was only 40), Bobby Jaspar (37 heart attack), Bobby Timmons (38 cirrhosis).
> Wardell Gray (34) broken neck, possibly murdered.
> Early death from drugs include Richie Twardzik (24), Emily Remler (32)
> The list could go on and on, but it breaks my heart to think about it.
> Eric
Strange how this subject drifted so far and so soon. My object was to 
draw attention to some boppers who seem to have passed away 
unnoticed--not victims of tragic early deaths. Allen Eager was another 
one, but I found that out recently.

      Julian Vein

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