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David Lewis uncledavelewis at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 1 08:53:05 PDT 2011

Does the name FRANCOISE GUY mean anything to anyone? I have a ten-inch lacquer, 
professionally cut but from a poor sounding tape, containing two songs with 
piano accompaniment, in typical French chanteuse style. Plain white label 
pasted over that blue label with the strobe design that turns up on many 
English lacquers. Only one side is titled, "Theatre", listing Francoise Guy as 
composer and singer. Other notes on the labels are "1st on tape" and "4th on tape".

Just curious.

This is a distant longshot, but it might be the actress Micheline Francey (1919-1969). Her real name was "Micheline Henriette Françoise Guy-Bellile," though it is also shown as "Gay-Bellile." She is best known over here for the role she played in Henri Georges-Clouzot's "Le 

If it is not her, then it might just be a recording made by a minor cabaret entertainer whose exploits have escaped the posterior record.

Uncle Dave Lewis
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