[78-L] Unison

JOHN WRIGHT vintage at jabw.demon.co.uk
Tue May 31 13:41:54 PDT 2011

Been trying to tidy up that corner of my collection occupied by 8 inch
British shellac (why do they always get mixed up and become in total
disarray!)  mainly Broadcast, Edison Bell Radio, Eclipse, and reminded
myself that I have a few of the Unison label, a product of Vocalion.


Just checked them all re content and all the dance band items I have are
EXACTLY the same as Broadcast issues, same number, same band name/pseudonym
on label, same takes (either take 1 or if there's an x I think that's take


So, are all the Unisons just copies of Broadcasts with a Unison label? What
was the point of using same band name/pseudonym?


I was hoping to find alternate takes of Waikiki Serenaders/Fillis/Bowlly but
no such luck.



John Wright

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