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Did you find the link to Yiddish Radio in New York? Fascinating stuff.


On 5/22/2011 8:53 PM, Thomas Stern wrote:
> I've spent a bit of time searching the internet - Cherniavcsky had an interesting career:
> NY Times obit:
> http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F00812F73858137B93C6A9178AD95F4D8585F9&scp=2&sq=josef%20cherniavsky&st=cse
> Libby Hotel:   http://apps.netbiscuits.com/178809/HIMobile/articleDetail.aspx?articleid=15178
> May 4 1945 - conductor at Carnegie Hall Jazzfest JAMES P JOHNSON concert
> but, nothing about Mezzotone......
> Best wishes, Thomas.
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> There is an eBay sheet music item 250823378361
> composer given as JOSEPH CHERNEY (music)
> perhaps the same person?
> Best wishes, Thomas.
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> Try Josef Cherniavsky..definitely in the 1954 ASCAP book as a composer, musical
> director, scored the first film version of "Show Boat" etc. Lots of Google
> links as well.
> dl
> On 5/22/2011 2:11 PM, david.diehl at hensteeth.com wrote:
>> Which reminds me-Does anyone have any info on Josef Charnivasky? He's listed as co-composer on a few of West's tunes. He's not
> in the 1966 ASCAP directory.
>>    DJD
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>> Lenny Marvin is correct, my misreading of my own notes and the Living Era liner put Herman in there. Josef Cherniavsky is
> definitely credited on about half the 78 labels. The MezzoTone 78s look pre-1950 to me. How's this for a scenario? Cyclone existed
> only in 1947, put out only one of Mae's discs, and she retrieved the masters (or had licensed them) and put them out on two lps
> and one 78 set (I don't know if anyone has ever seen volume 2 on 78). Both lps are listed in one "Long Player" I have (November
> 1952) but not in any of the 1950 or 1951 Schwanns I have, nor anything later. Long Player lists them as Mezzotone 1 and Mezzotone
> 2, by the way.A note I filed away from The Blue Pages says that the twelfth side is by a female impersonator named Auntie
> Dorothy.dlOn 5/22/2011 9:14 AM, Han Enderman wrote:>   Thomas, if you want them I can send images of the 6 Mezzotone 78 labels
> (100-102)>   and of Cyclone 505 in 2 label versions. I have only seen album 11 and have never seen>
> anythi
>>    ng else on Mezzotone (so album numbering started with 11, it seems).>>   Apparently Cyclone is the orig. label, dated 1947 in
> ARLD, but at present only a single>   Mae West 78 is known).>   Mezzotone not in ARLD; can it be confirmed that Mezzotone 78s are
> from the 50s?>   It would be interesting to have more precise info on the 45s.>>   The band leader is Lenny MARVIN on 6 titles (not
> Herman).>>   The Cyclone label has been discussed here (actually "there" on the old forum) and I saved>   at least part of it.
> Interesting stuff. I'll reprint the info below (uncensored) for those interested.>   Maybe someone has additional info by now?>   I
> saved Cyclone label images (505-A/B; 608-A) in 2005/06 and have seen no other one>   since then. Anyone has another one (or knows a
> website with info)?>   Well, now that's a really rare jazz label.... forget those common Black Pattis....>>   Han Enderman>>   HERE
> IS reprinted CYCLONE info:>>>   Subject: Cyclone Records - Peters Sisters, Budd Johnson,
>   Buck and Bubbles>
>>    >   From: Ray Funk>>>>   I am trying to gather information on the obscure post-war label, Cyclone>>   Records, that Sam Manning
> ran briefly in 1947 in New York, I recently found>>   an advertisement for the label in the New York Amsterdam News and have>>
> gotten additional information from John Cowley and Howard Rye.>>>>   I am interested if anyone has any copies of the records on
> this label. I am>>   trying to get label jpegs and copies of recordings if possible.>>>>   There was an ad for Cyclone Records, 1560
> Broadway, Rm 805, NYC in the NY>>   Amsterdam News July 26, 1947 p. 19 giving info on three releases>>>>   606-A PETERS SISTERS
> Money Power (S. Manning and A. Thenstead) Musical>>   Settings by Adolph Thenstead's Antilleans>>   606-B BABY EDITH PETERS (Love)
> Plaything Of Fate (S. Manning and A.>>   Thenstead) Musical Settings by Adolph Thenstead's Antilleans>>>>   At least one or two
> copies of this release exist and I have gotten label>>   scans>>>>   I cannot find anyone who ha
> s the second one by
>>    Buck and Bubbles>>>>   608 A - Bubbles Turn Back the Clock>>   608 B - Buck Send Me My Overcoat>>>>   Bob McGrath's the R&B
> Indies lists additional and partly contradictory info:>>   608 Same titles but credited to Budd Johnson&   His Orchestra, perhaps
> they>>   were the backing band>>>>   The third on the ad is listed as>>>>   609 A - Budd Johnson My Heart's Doin' Time
> (instrumental)>>   612 B - Mary Stafford vocalist (with Budd Johnson) I Just Can't Find That>>>>   These two titles have been
> reissued on>>   The Chronological Classics Budd Johnson 1942-1954>>>>   Bob McGrath's the R&B Indies also lists>>>>   609 Budd
> Johnson&   His Orchestra: I Just Can't Find That Kind>>   610 (rev. 610) Budd Johnson&   His Orchestra: Hybrid No. 5>>>>   611 Budd
> Johnson&   His Orchestra: My Heart's Doing Time>>   612 (rev. 611) Budd Johnson&   His Orchestra: My Heart's Doing Time>>
> (instrumental)>>>>   Jan Evensmo, Budd Johnson solography in History of Jazz Tenor Saxophone,>>   believes Johnson recorded at
>   least 8 titles for Cyclone
>>     and has heard>>>>   mx 614-A Twistology Cyclone 612>>   mx 615-B Lonesome (Blues) Cyclone 609>   ---------->   There is a listing
> for it on page 435 of the 1947-48 Billboard Yearbook,>   published in 1947:>   "A subsidary of Antillian Music Features, Inc.,
> Cyclone platters was formed>   in January of the current year by Prexy Adolf Thenstad, V.P. and Gen. Mgr.>   Sam Manning, Adv. Mgr.
> Leroy Collins, and Murry Spaan, Promotion Manager.>   During the past year the firm has waxed a number of leading personalities of>
> show business, including Mae West, who signed a five-year pact with Cyclone,>   Buck and Bubbles and Mantan Morland, top sepia
> vaudville personalities, plus>   blues singer Mary Stafford and Budd Johnson's Orchestra. Recordings are>   made under the
> supervision of Ken Macomber, musical director.">>   There is a half page ad on page 252 which pictures a blank label format and>
> the label for 608-B "Send Me My Overcoat" although it is so small it is hard>   to read anything
>   but the song title
>>    and the trademark. The ad says>   "Attention! Disk Jockeys and Distributors. They're great for juke boxes.>   They're GREAT for
> Retail Stores." Six records are listed, and there is a>   picture of each of the performers. 505, 606, 608, 609, 612, and 616.>
> Because the info in the ad is a little different than what has been listed>   of several of these, I'll give what the ad says.>>
> 505-A Come Up and See Me Sometime Mae West>   505-B That's All, Brother, That's All Mae West>   (This record is described in the ad
> as "Her first smash hit exclusive on>   Cyclone Records." Does this mean that this is her first smash hit EVER, or>   just the first
> one that was exclusive to Cyclone?????)>>   606-A Money Power vocal - Peters Sisters>   606-B Love, Plaything of Fate vocal - Baby
> Edith Peters>   (They are described as "Heavyweight Champions of Harmony in 'CALYPSO>   Swings.'")>>   608-A Turn Back the Clock
> Vocal - Bubbles>   608-B Send Me My Overcoat Vocal - Buck>   Buck and Bubbles (Comedy So
> ng Stylists)>   Interna
>>    tional Stars of Radio - Stage and Screen>>   609-A My Heart's Doin' Time (instrumental)>   Budd Johnson and "his Cyclone
> Instrumental All Stars">>   612-B I Just Can;t Find That Kind (Blues)>   Mary Stafford (vocal) The Blues New Sweetheart>   "Blues
> Stylist" With Budd Johnson's Cyclone All Stars>>   616 Laffin' Song (Baby, Stop Ticklin' Me)>   What Did It Getcha!>   Mantan
> (Birmingham) Morland>   (described as His First Smash Hit!)>>   I don't think I have ever seen any of these. I'll be sending a scan
> of the>   ad directly to Ray Funk.>>   Mike Biel mbiel at kih.net>   ------------->   Cyclone 608 was on ebay in March 2006 and I have
> the picture of the A side.>   Credited to: Buck&   Bubbles / Orchestra: Budd Johnson.>>   I also have pictures of 505 by Mae West (in
> 2 label variants).>   ARLD mentions 107 (6/47).>   (he)>   =====>>>>>   I believe she recorded 11 titles that were issued in two
> albums on Mezzotone>   (one might have been LP only, Mezzotone 21). There's a 12th side that is an>   un
> identified performer (ident
>>    ity and gender). I've had the first album on 78>   and lp but only a dub of the second one. Living Era CD AJA 5604 has 9 of the
> 11>   sides. The track you haven't listed is He's A Bad Man. All apparently date from>   1947 with groups led by Lenny Herman and
> Josef Cherniavsky. And one broken>   Cyclone 78 was reported here years ago.>>   I've filled in the numbers and the extra title as I
> have them.>>   dl>>   On 5/21/2011 3:10 PM, Thomas Stern wrote:>>>>>>   I have noticed a commonality of titles included in the
> following releases:>>>>   CYCLONE 506 - 78rpm>>   MEZZOTONE - album 11 3-78rpm Album of Mae West Songs>>   MEZZOTONE - album ??
> 3-45rpm>>   PR 22 - PROSCENIUM records W.C.Fields&   Mae West LP>>   DPC 718 - DEMAND PERFORMANCE cassette (Glendale, CA) 1986 Mae
> West Naughty But Wise>>>>>>   QUESTIONS:>>   Are these all derived from the MezzoTone recordings?>>   What information is available
> about MezzoTone and Cyclone labels?>>   Are there additional Cyclone Mae West releases?>>   Can
>   anyone provide complet
>>    e session details for Mezzotone?>>   What are the record numbers for the individual Mezzotone disks?>>   Are there any CD issues
> of these Mae West recordings?>>   What is known of Demand Performance?>>   What other releases were on Demand Performance - were
> there LP's as well as cassettes?>>>>   Here is the list of titles and releases:>>>   My Man Friday Mezzotone Album 11(102A), 45rpm
> PR 22 DPC-718>   Page 54 Mezzotone Album 11(102B) PR 22 DPC-718>   Imaginary Love Mezzotone Album 11 (101B)>   Frankie&   Johnny
> Mezzotone Album 11 (100B) PR 22 DPC-718>   Come Up&   See Me Sometime Mezzotone Album 11 (100A) 45rpm Cyclone 505A PR 22 DPC-718>
> That's All Brother That's All Mezzotone Album 11 (101A) 45rpm Cyclone 505B PR 22 DPC-718>   Slow Down Mezzotone Album 21 (LP)
> 45rpm? PR 22 DPC-718>   Put It Off Until Tomorrow Mezzotone Album 21 (LP) 45rpm? PR 22 DPC-718>   A Guy What Takes His Time
> Mezzotone Album 21 (LP) 45rpm?>   Pardon Me For Loving and Running Mezzotone Album 21 (LP) PR 22 DPC-7
> 18>   He's a Bad Man	Me
>>    zzotone Album 21 (LP)>>>>   THANKS!>>   Best wishes, Thomas.>   <<<>   _______________________________________________>   78-L
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