[78-L] Mae West - MezzoTone recordings

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sat May 21 13:30:49 PDT 2011

I believe she recorded 11 titles that were issued in two albums on Mezzotone 
(one might have been LP only, Mezzotone 21). There's a 12th side that is an 
unidentified performer (identity and gender). I've had the first album on 78 
and lp but only a dub of the second one. Living Era CD AJA 5604 has 9 of the 11 
sides. The track you haven't listed is He's A Bad Man. All apparently date from 
1947 with groups led by Lenny Herman and Josef Cherniavsky. And one broken 
Cyclone 78 was reported here years ago.

I've filled in the numbers and the extra title as I have them.


On 5/21/2011 3:10 PM, Thomas Stern wrote:
> I have noticed a commonality of titles included in the following releases:
> CYCLONE 506 - 78rpm
> MEZZOTONE   - album 11  3-78rpm  Album of Mae West Songs
> MEZZOTONE   - album ??  3-45rpm
> PR 22       - PROSCENIUM records  W.C.Fields&  Mae West  LP
> DPC 718     - DEMAND PERFORMANCE cassette (Glendale, CA) 1986  Mae West Naughty But Wise
> Are these all derived from the MezzoTone recordings?
> What information is available about MezzoTone and Cyclone labels?
> Are there additional Cyclone Mae West releases?
> Can anyone provide complete session details for Mezzotone?
> What are the record numbers for the individual Mezzotone disks?
> Are there any CD issues of these Mae West recordings?
> What is known of Demand Performance?
> What other releases were on Demand Performance - were there LP's as well as cassettes?
> Here is the list of titles and releases:
My Man Friday                  Mezzotone Album 11(102A), 45rpm 
PR 22  DPC-718
Page 54                        Mezzotone Album 11(102B) 
PR 22  DPC-718
Imaginary Love                 Mezzotone Album 11 (101B)
Frankie&  Johnny               Mezzotone Album 11 (100B) 
PR 22  DPC-718
Come Up&  See Me Sometime      Mezzotone Album 11 (100A) 45rpm  Cyclone 505A 
PR 22  DPC-718
That's All Brother That's All  Mezzotone Album 11 (101A) 45rpm  Cyclone 505B 
PR 22  DPC-718
Slow Down                      Mezzotone Album 21 (LP)   45rpm? 
PR 22  DPC-718
Put It Off Until Tomorrow      Mezzotone Album 21 (LP)   45rpm? 
PR 22  DPC-718
A Guy What Takes His Time      Mezzotone Album 21 (LP)   45rpm?
Pardon Me For Loving and Running Mezzotone Album 21 (LP) 
                        PR 22  DPC-718
He's a Bad Man		       Mezzotone Album 21 (LP)
> Best wishes, Thomas.

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