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I know Columbia didn't always have the W on electric matrices they made for
the chain store releases.  The patent licensing agreement with WE stipulated
a royalty to be paid to them on every copy of each record sold which was
recorded with their technology.  From what I understand the 3X5 cards do not
necessarily show whether they're electric or acoustic recordings.  Was that
shown on the session logs?  How did Columbia otherwise keep track of which
matrices were which in-house?

And for how many years was that royalty payment arrangement binding?

Columbia matrices after the ARC takeover appear to continue use of the same
WE equipment until about the end of 1936 or the start of 1937 but no longer
show the W.  Was that newer equipment that started in use at this time
Western Electric or another make?  If another, who made it?

On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 9:55 PM, Julian Vein <julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk>wrote:

> On 19/05/2011 21:04, Malcolm - Venerable Music wrote:
> > Thanks Ron - but wouldn't this still be a reprocessing as the other copy
> has
> > the same matrix number without the W?? So the Western Electric affect
> would
> > have been added to only some pressings. If it was recorded twice,
> wouldn't
> > we have 2 different matrix numbers?
> > Also, was this difference only on the Vocalion issues, or did the
> American
> > Columbia and foreign pressings also issue a non-Western Electric
> version??
> > Julian's copy is a foreign pressing and has the Western Electric symbol
> as
> > well.
> > Anyhow, it's an interesting mystery.
> >
> > Malcolm
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> it.
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