[78-L] Sonny Greer - Matrix with a W

Malcolm - Venerable Music malcolm at venerablemusic.com
Thu May 19 10:08:36 PDT 2011

Hey Everyone – Just looking for some clarification on the Sonny Greer & His Memphis Men Vocalion-3012 reissue of Saturday Night Function/Beggers Blues.
I got a dupe of it today and was playing it against my old copy to figure which one I was keeping. The new one seemed to be in lesser condition, but the bass seemed to leap out of the grooves (and the bass on this record is great!) and had more depth in the overall sound then my older E copy. When I looked at the matrix number, they were the same, but the issue with fuller sound has a circled W before the number? Was this an EQ reprocessed record?

The only ones I’ve run across similar are the later issues of Waiting for A Train where the record was reprocessed to remove the bass to help with the stripping issues. But the Sonny Greer seems to have gone the other way where they reprocessed to expand the bass?? Is this true? Also, which version did the original Columbia use?
Any info would be appreciated.

Malcolm in GA
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