[78-L] MGM series, new to me

agp agp2176 at verizon.net
Wed May 18 15:25:52 PDT 2011

At 22:12 18/05/2011, DL wrote:
>One thing I remember about Lion is that the 12-inch lps were appallingly bad
>quality..noisy pressings and over-the-top reverb,

This was also true of stuff on their 1960s  budget label Metro. I had 
a copy of This Is Where It Started - Beatles & Tony Sheridan that 
sounded like was pressed on a shingle and mastered with a roofing 
nail! It made the stuff by 'the Beatles' so called guests The Titans' 
-- (who?) -- sound even worse than it really was!

The 70s resurrection of Lion was much better, that is if you can call 
an lp by Danny Bonaduce 'better'


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