[78-L] MGM series, new to me

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Wed May 18 14:50:33 PDT 2011

Anyone ever seen ten-inch LION lps? I just came across one side of one, used 
instead of a blank on the back of a promo 78 in 1955 by Quality in Toronto. I 
was about to ask if anyone knew who the band was, but it turned out to be 
listed in the MGM books because the catalog number (E 70021 S1) was in the dead 
grooves. Henry Jerome, part of a series called Tops In Pops Designed For Dancing.

The High and The Mighty
The Little Shoemaker
They Were Doing The Mambo (arrangement imitates Hal Kemp)

I have never heard of this series before. And obviously Quality had one stamper 
kicking around.


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