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I've found what appears to be a 2nd printing of Columbia 2856-D with Billie Holiday singing Your Mothers Son-In-Law in front of Benny Goodman's Orch.  The poster said his is a black wax record, not blue like mine  The label for the flip side of his copy is a later version with COLUMBIA in bold upper case lettering where mine is on blue wax and has Columbia with only the first letter in upper case and the font more rounded.  
Compare his label of Tippn' The Barrel to mine:  
His:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bB1y8BVmTLA
Mine:  http://78records.cdbpdx.com/2856-D/
There must have been subsequent pressings of this record after the blue..??  
How does this impact the '300 sold' concept?
Thanks!  CDB

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