[78-L] the 'deadest' consumer audio formats?^

J. E. Knox rojoknox at metroeast.org
Fri May 13 17:26:57 PDT 2011

Greetings from FixitLand!

Kristjan Saag responded to my query:

>> Would those be considered "consumer audio formats"?
> Well, these are audio formats with pictures. Good enough.

True enough. But the key word here is "consumer" -- I just don't see  
good'-ol' Joe Gabroni firing up his Phantasound player in his not-so- 
spacious den. <grin>

Now, if film formats are to be added, I might nominate Super 8  
Sound...an all-but-dead film format with an all-but-dead audio system  
tacked onto it. That actually was a consumer format, introduced  
around 1973-74 or so. I have two sound cameras just sitting around  
(one from 1976, the other '79)...good luck ever finding Super 8 sound- 
striped film stock for 'em anymore. They were last used in 1982.

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