[78-L] the 'deadest' consumer audio formats?

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no, we haven't... how about the Philco Hip Pocket discs? virtually unplayable on an automatic changer, but will play (relatively) well on a manual table at 45 rpm.

and, I just remembered this one because I just saw the 'disc'... there was a "talking baseball card" type record... to play it you insert it into a large (about the size of a trade paperback book) plastic player and the stylus/tonearm rotated around inside the contraption, playing the stationary recording.  Hello Rube Goldberg!


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Greetings from FixitLand!

Mike Daley wrote:

> The revised list (in no particular order):
> reel-to-reel tape (bonus points for quadrophonic)
> 8-track
> cassettes (chrome, metal, regular)
> 78s
> vinyl 45s
> vinyl LPs
> CDs
> Sony Elcaset.
> RCA Cartridge
> cylinders
> Webcor wire recorder
> 4 track (a la Muntz Stereo Pak)
> PlayTape
> 16-2/3 rpm LPs
> Variable speed (constant velocity) discs
> Laser discs
> Twin stylus stereo
> MiniDisc
> Flexible sheet-plastic records, such as Eva-Tone
> Laminated cardboard records, such as we used to find on cereal boxes
> Variable-speed records, such as the old World Records from England
> Chrysler Highway HiFi 16rpm little LPs
> Tefifon
> Microcassettes (for dictation)
> Video HiFi tapes used for audio only
> Quadrophonic 8-track cartridges
> mp3s!

At this point we've generally named just about EVERY extant consumer- 
audio format, haven't we? Which means that consumer audio itself is  

And Malcolm Rockwell mentioned "Rocks!" Those of course would be the  
fossil records.

Take care,

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