[78-L] the 'deadest' consumer audio formats?

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Fri May 13 14:21:10 PDT 2011

Miniature records inside toys..in fact the Berliner Talking Doll goes back a 
couple of centuries and I knew of a few viable versions in the fifties, hand 
cranked and with a steel needle. One was an egg that recited Humpty Dumpty.

And I have a dictabelt with some old time records on it and no way to play it. 
I'll bring it to the next CAPS meeting (where it was foist foisted on me).

We didn't mention such 78 formats as Diamond Disc, Pathe, the various home 
recording systems such as pre-grooved discs or uncoated aluminum.


On 5/13/2011 5:12 PM, Mike Daley wrote:
> How could I have forgotten cylinders?
> The revised list (in no particular order):
> reel-to-reel tape (bonus points for quadrophonic)
> 8-track
> cassettes (chrome, metal, regular)
> 78s
> vinyl 45s
> vinyl LPs
> CDs
> Sony Elcaset.
> RCA Cartridge
> cylinders
> Webcor wire recorder
> 4 track (a la Muntz Stereo Pak)
> PlayTape
> 16-2/3 rpm LPs
> Variable speed (constant velocity) discs
> Laser discs
> Twin stylus stereo
> MiniDisc
> Flexible sheet-plastic records, such as Eva-Tone
> Laminated cardboard records, such as we used to find on cereal boxes
> Variable-speed records, such as the old World Records from England
> Chrysler Highway HiFi 16rpm little LPs
> Tefifon
> Microcassettes (for dictation)
> Video HiFi tapes used for audio only
> Quadrophonic 8-track cartridges
> mp3s!
> Mike
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