[78-L] Unwarranted Assumptions (Was: Kurt Nauck's Auctions.)

David Breneman david_breneman at yahoo.com
Fri May 13 09:02:26 PDT 2011

--- On Mon, 5/9/11, Steven C. Barr <stevenc at interlinks.net> wrote:

> I no longer recall the exact details; however IIRC there
> was an
> informal survey of 78-L taken per the age of its listeners,
> and the
> result was near 60. Assume that was five years ago...and
> our average age would now be at or a bit past 60...!

Only if you accept the assumption that nobody of advanced
age has dies, and that nobody of young age has joined.
That's patently implausible.

> Further, it would seem plausible that those who collect
> 78's probably grew up listening to them;

This "plausible" assumption is nothing more than an
assertion without basis.  Sure, my parents had 78s
from their youth, but I didn't "grow up listening to
them" any more than I grew up listening to my mom
play the piano -- but I don't collect pianos.  I also
have a number of CDs, but I didn't grow up listening
to those at all (although it is plausible to assert
that I've never grown up, so that may be an erroneous
assertion on MY part).

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