[78-L] Audio restoration by an amateur

Ted Kneebone tkneebone1 at abe.midco.net
Thu May 12 12:44:43 PDT 2011

Nice hearing the results of some audio restoration here.
Several years ago, a woman wrote me asking if I could improve
the sound of a 78 rpm disc that was cut of her playing a piano
concerto during a concert at South Dakota State University.
I did not promise anything, and I told her I am only an amateur at this.
She sent me her 78 rpm disc.  I made seven different copies of the concerto
I tried to remove hiss, fooled around with equalization, etc.
When I got done, I sent her a CD with my attempts on it.  She was very
pleased and thanked me.  She told me that my work was superior to
what a local person had attempted.

While a high school student (1949-1952) in Sisseton, South Dakota, I 
our band and choir on a Wilcox-Gay Recordio.  In 2002, we had our 50th class 
In the 1960s when I had my own tape recorder, I dubbed these discs to tape.
It was then that I decided I would offer these tunes to my classmates on 
and on CD.  Many of them wanted copies.  Some were pretty scratchy, but they
were all we had.  The "kids" really appreciated them.  I made no attempt at
restoration of any kind.

I am a collector/trader of "old time radio."  My catalog is on the internet 
Two people wrote to me about getting copies of shows I had.  One was from 
Cavalcade of
America, about an oil tanker.  The son of the captain of the tanker wanted a 
copy of this
program, so I sent him a cassette. He sent me a box of blank cassettes. 
Another man noticed that I had many Fred Allen
broadcasts.  One was Fred's interview with a sausage stuffer, Otto 
Hottendorfer (or something
like that).  I sent him the cassette.  He responded by sending me a photo of 
his father at age
90+ and a bunch of new blank cassettes.

It is really a pleasure helping people connect with the people in their 

Ted Kneebone
1528 S. Grant Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Old Time Radio...

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