[78-L] Chick Webb alternate takes

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Thanks,  Scott.  That does seem like a lot of sides for one 
session...interesting that the Armstrong master numbers fall within the 
Webbs.  Did that happen very often?  I guess the order of numbers might not 
have been the actual order in which they were recorded.


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> Between Ruppli's Decca discog, Rust, Lord and CD reissues, there are 
> various
> claims as to which take appeared on 78. But now you have confirmation both
> came out on Decca 1220. And could this have been an 8 title session?
> Matrices 62070 and 62071 are by Louis Armstrong with Andy Iona and his
> Islanders and were recorded on the same day and a Dick Robertson session
> with matrices 62074 through 62077 were also recorded on the same day.
> NYC, March 24, 1937
> 62064-A Rusty Hinge (LJ-vcl) (VA-arr) Dec 1273
> 62065-A Wake Up And Live (EF, LJ, CL-vcl) (VA-arr) Dec 1213
> 62066-A It's Swell Of You (LJ-vcl) (VA-arr)     -
> 62067-B You Showed Me The Way (EF-vcl) (VA-arr) Dec 1220
> 62067-A You Showed Me The Way (EF-vcl) (VA-arr)         -
> 62068-A Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley (ES-arr)           -
> 62069-A Cryin' Mood (EF-vcl) (VA-arr) Dec 1273
> 62072-A Love Is The Thing, So They Say (EF-vcl) (VA-arr)Dec 1356
> 62073-A That Naughty Waltz (CD-arr)     -
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