[78-L] Victor matrix prefix questions (Bluebird 6910).

Royal Pemberton ampex354 at gmail.com
Tue May 10 21:53:14 PDT 2011

This is one of the records I won in the recent Nauction, a circa 1937
reissue of a pair of titles Louis Armstrong recorded in early 1933.  Not
dubs....and it's obvious where the diamond VE symbols were removed along
with the original catalogue numbers.  They have that unusually wide-range
high fidelity though ambient sound quality of post-Western Electric Trinity
Chapel recordings, so I don't know if the prefixes are BS or BSHQ or
something else (at least I know they're not BVE).

What are the correct prefixes for the matrix numbers of these sides?

A side, 'I've got the world on a string', recorded 26 January 1933; matrix
B?? 74891-1 (original release Victor 24245).

B side, 'There's a cabin in the pines', recorded 26 April 1933; matrix B??
75476 (no suffix shown on Tyrone's listings--is this take 1?) (original
release Victor 24335).

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