[78-L] Dalhart

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Tue May 10 19:06:49 PDT 2011

Lennick was watching last night's "Law & Order: Los Angeles" followed by an old 
episode of Boston Legal. Also listening to a hilarious CD created by Sandra 
Boynton, "Grunt", featuring rarely heard Pigorian Chant (in Pig Latin, of 
course). Now, to business. And Jack is probably spinning an unbroken copy of 
that Dalhart disc, as long as it wasn't one of the ones he sold off.

On 5/10/2011 8:13 PM, Cary Ginell wrote:
> Before Lennick can respond, I will add: "at 78.26 rpms."
> Cary Ginell
>> From: soundthink at live.com
>> To: 78-l at klickitat.78online.com
>> Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 17:11:35 -0700
>> Subject: [78-L] Dalhart
>> The cracked Black Patti might set a record for a Vernon Dalhart 78. Now up to $406.99. AND STILL HAS NOT MET THE RESERSVE! Jack Palmer must be spinning in his grave.
>> Cary Ginell

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