[78-L] "are young folks interested in the old 78's?

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there's that kid that does that podcast--Wright is his name I think...???

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I am 35 as well, and have been collecting since I was about 19 or so. I know of 
 couple of people who are younger than I who are interested in 78s etc.  I 
hink though that it is a lack of exposure.  I was brought up on vinyl and 
assettes etc, so 78s are really just one further step.  Also as an audio 
ngineer, I have always been interested in all forms of sound recording.
n 10/05/2011, at 11:17 PM, Thatcher Graham wrote:
> I am not aware of any collectors younger than myself, and I'm 35.
 My interns are in their early 20s and have all fully moved on to digital 
 media. They even see CDs as archaic.
 They were baffled by 78s and cylinders when I showed them.
 Thatcher Graham
 On 5/10/2011 12:14 AM, Robert M. Bratcher Jr. wrote:
> I thought we (I'm 52 now) 78 RPM record collectors were a shrinking dying out
> breed too. So there really are enough young folks interested in the old 78's 
> keep our hobby going for awhile? I sure hope so!! Or am I only dreaming?
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> Yes, but you are assuming that no new, younger members are joining our little
> group of collectors.
> Older collectors dying out also brings the average age down, doesn't it?
> You can't assume that the entire group is remaining static with no new 
> and nobody dying.
> Cary Ginell
>> I no longer recall the exact details; however IIRC there was an
>> informal survey of 78-L taken per the age of its listeners, and the
>> result was near 60. Assume that was five years ago...and our
>> average age would now be at or a bit past 60...!
>> Further, it would seem plausible that those who collect 78's probably
>> grew up listening to them; the last 78's were pressed in the late 50's
>> (a couple years later up here in Canada). If we assume this 78 listener
>> was at least 12...he she it was born in the early 40's (as I was). That in
>> turn suggests an age in the sixties...!
>> There was a brief "swing revival" a few years back; the result was
>> 3-speed players, usually without the .003" needles needed to
>> properly play 78's...! I am still buying 78's via a local record
>> store...which accepts lots for resale and then contacts me...!
>> I pay a few cents per record...and haul them home to be added
>> to my "half-vast shellac archive." I also buy many from "NickJay."
>> Steven C. Barr
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