[78-L] Age of Collectors (WAS Kurt Nauck's Auctions)

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The same with me. I'm 40, and first 78rpm records my uncle brought to me 
when I was 12 years old: some Italian 1950s jazz ("Trumpet Blues and 
Cantabile"), some opera, some domestic folk music.

And since then I was locked in this specific world of old sound collecting.

Also had problems in school saying that I like Django Reinhardt or Frank 
Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey. They listened to ACDC way back then.


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> I'm 53, started with a stack of 78 from my Uncle Andy when I was down
> with bronchitis as a child -- Arthur Godrey on Columbia, Moon
> Mullican on King, The Gaylords on Mercury, as well as some polka 78
> on Dana from my Aunt Helene.
> Was dubbed the class weirdo in grade 7 for saying that I really liked
> Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, etc.
> Really started going after good stuff (late 50s and 60s 78s)  in the
> last 10 years
> T
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