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Robert M. Bratcher Jr. rbratcherjr at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 21:17:00 PDT 2011

Upright stored on floor to ceeling shelves.....

From: Steven C. Barr <stevenc at interlinks.net>
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From: "Robert M. Bratcher Jr." <rbratcherjr at yahoo.com>
> My huge accumulation of 78's, 45's & 33's is not in any database. You want 
> to
> find something? Dig through the records!!
And how do you store them to make this a practical possibility...?!

I USED to keep my 78's in label/catalog number order in milk
boxes which were stacked accordingly. After a couple of attempts
to "Cure that SOB of being a pack rat," NOTHING is in any
noticeable order...!

Steven C. Barr
(a pack rat unto death...!) 

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