[78-L] Another song with the "wrong title"

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'Sidewalks....' is 'The Bowery bums' on Regal 8697 as by Frank Luther (mx
8345 recorded 22 November 1928).

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>  The Sidewalks of New York ... which Ken Burns seems to think has
> "heart-breaking lyrics".  He's a strange person.  His NYC
> history program used "The Last Rose of Summer" over and over and OVER
> again, played as slowly and depressively as possible
> by a string quartet - making NYC seem to be the most depresso place in
> History and the World. (Wait- it was "Ric" Burns,
> Ken's brother!  He's just as strange, then. Must run in the family.)
> ps - My Edison disc (and other old versions)  make Sidewalks of NY sound
> like a happy place.
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> > You are right about "Daisy Bell", although the only place I have ever
> seen that
> > title used is on "Old Timer's Night At The Pops". But it is the correct
> title.
> > Variety Music Cavalcade cross references "On a Bicycle Built for Two"
> with "see
> > Daisy Bell". (And tell her Moe sent you.) While we're at it, is the song
> with
> > almost the same melody "East Side, West Side" or "The Sidewalks of New
> York"?
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