[78-L] Some math; was Kurt Nauck's Auctions.

J. E. Knox rojoknox at metroeast.org
Mon May 9 11:35:53 PDT 2011

Greetings from FixitLand!

Steven C. Barr wrote:

> ...what I want.need is one each copy of EVERY
> non-classical 78 ever issued...! Simple...right? Except it would seem
> to necessitate acquiring around 2,000,000 78's...of which I now own
> about 3.5%...!

OKeh...some math:

You own, by your estimation, about 3.5 percent of an estimated 2  
million 78s, which means you wish to acquire about 1,930,000 records  
in order to achieve your goal. With each of those 1,930,000 records  
playing an average of three minutes each side (not counting the time  
necessary to place the disc on and remove it from the turntable,  
place the tone arm on and remove it from the record, and all that  
sort of thing), it will require approximately 11,580,000 minutes of  
playing time to audition all these recordings. To account for the  
fact that some of these records are single-face, let's say 9,600,000  
minutes for expediency (don't ask why I chose that figure). That's  
160,000 hours. Presuming a maximum of eight hours per day devoted to  
playing these records (which would be pretty intensive listening! --  
and you would need the time necessary to acquire the records, not to  
mention the usual business of daily living), that's 20,000 days, or  
approximately 54.757 years. Are you sure you'd live long enough to  
enjoy all those records? <grin>

Take care,

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and  
cats."--Albert Schweitzer

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