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with LP size labels.  Leadout spirals end in a concentric groove like a
typical modern LP.  Labels are purple for the sides with the hit versions,
and some kind of black with silver print for the outtake sides.

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> At 15:07 22/04/2011, DB wrote:
> >I just received my copies of "Good Vibrations" on 78 and although
> >it's spinning
> >in shining splendour on my Credenza, I thought I should find out some
> >information before I lower the arm onto it.
> >
> >1 What size stylus do I use to play it?
> I think it is microgroove
> >2 It supposedly had a run of 5,000 but one of mine is numbered
> >6965?  (I know,
> >that doesn't sound like a question.)
> I hear there is going to be a convention in LA of everyone having
> that particular number. Seriously, I wonder if they randomised the
> numbers so as to make it difficult to get the lowest number -- as in
> the Beatles' White Album -- Serial Number 1
> >3 Why in the world does it say on the label "Vocal group with Theremin"?
> Somehow this sounds like retro-sillies. I'm surprised it doesn't also
> say 'Foxtrot' or 'Jaunty Two Step' a la non-contemporary 78s.
> I am curious about the actual disc configuration. For example, What
> size and style label did they use -- lp size or 10 inch size. If they
> used a 78/ 10-inch style label, is the landing area for the label
> larger than the label (lp size).
> Also -- what style label did they use .. Capitol Orange/ Yellow swirl
> as was used on the 45, a rainbow as was used on Capitol lps at that
> time and later on 45s, a retro purple currently used on Capitol 45s,
> or 78 rpm era purple -- or even black
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