[78-L] George Formby on the other side of the pond

Steven C. Barr stevenc at interlinks.net
Sun Apr 17 17:03:23 PDT 2011

From: "agp" <agp2176 at verizon.net>
> Paid a visit to Whistin' Willies today. Among the goodies I was
> surprised to find a George Formby 78 on Canadian Columbia --
> Columbia C670 - Leaning on a Lamp Post (mx. CAR 4655) b/w You're a
> La-i-ty (mx. CAR 4407)
> Its a Sparton pressing that is a bit ugly with a few 'bumps and
> dings' in the run in grooves! (Could this mean it was not a 1937 
> pressing?)
> These look to match Regal Zonophone mx numbers. I see that Leaning
> was on Regal Zonophone  MR.2490. Can anyone tell me what the original > 
> Regal Zonophone release was the Canadian B-side? Was this Columbia
> release in parallel with the UK release - as I see it says its from
> the 1937 the film Feather Your Nest? Not even sure if the film came
> out in the USA.
> so -- Second question -- did he see any releases in the USA.
> I am in particular looking for the scandalous and banned When I'm
> Cleaning Windows - -anyone have a catalogue number for that
In fact George Formby was VERY popular here in Canada...as a
result there were a fair number of Col(C) Formby issues!
I don't know if Formby is included in any of the regular discographies;
however, I tend to recall he is/was...?!

Steven C. Barr 

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