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None of which sold anywhere near as much as any one of a number of Beach Boys hits. For all intents and purposes, to EMI, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran were nothing but one-hit wonders. Yes, like them or not, the Beach Boys was Capitol's biggest selling rock band of the '60s, next to the Fab Fo'. If they were going to issue a 78 based on a '60s rock band, they made the right commercial choice. If it were me, I'd have picked an unissued track by Wanda Jackson, which they also own.

Cary Ginell

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> Just one more thing (as I put on my Columbo raincoat) .. I could have 
> seen Good Vibrations issued as 12 inch 45 rpm disk -- a la disco 
> singles -- of which the Beach Boys did have one -- Here Comes the 
> Night on Caribou via Caribou. After all, EMI did release 12 inch 45 
> rpm discs of classical pieces in the mid 70s on Angel of stuff like 
> -- I think Mars from Holst's The Planets
> As to The Beach Boys being the next biggest thing that EMI has  to 
> the Beatles -- poo -- for the purpose of issuing a 78 they could 
> have/ should have gone to the catalogues of Gene Vincent (Capitol), 
> Eddie Cochrane (Liberty), or Fats Domino (Imperial) -- all owned by them.
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