[78-L] George Formby Jr.

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Sun Apr 17 10:31:41 PDT 2011


I just found my Music Hall Discography...


Leaning On A Lamp Post ( Matrix CAR 4655-1) was recorded at Feldman 
Theatre, Blackpool on 5th September 1937 and released on 
Regal-Zonophone on MR2490, as you say.

On the same day and place (Matrix CAR 4656-1) 'Hi-Tiddley-Hi-Ti was 
recorded and seems to have been released on the other side of MR 2490.

Earl Okin.

>These look to match Regal Zonophone mx numbers. I see that Leaning
>was on Regal Zonophone  MR.2490. Can anyone tell me what the original
>Regal Zonophone release was the Canadian B-side? Was this Columbia
>release in parallel with the UK release - as I see it says its from
>the 1937 the film Feather Your Nest? Not even sure if the film came
out in the USA.

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