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As you'll hear, if you listen to Programme No.3 on my Gramophone Show...


...this George Formby was not the first to adopt that name. His 
father was a major star of Music Hall (and who made lots of 78s) but, 
not a well man, died young in 1921 and his son decided to give up his 
original plan to be a jockey and follow his father on to 'the boards'.

The rest is history. He was very much a copy of his father until the 
addition of the banjo-uke to his act and the adoption of more 
Jazz-inspired rhythms to his songs added something a little more 
'modern'. As so often is the case, his father, the original, is the 
finer artiste, at least in my opinion.

I can't seem to find my Rust's Music Hall discography this morning, 
so I can't answer your query about MR 2490. I thought I had that 
record (it's pretty common over here in London), but I don't.

I do have MR 2199, recorded at the Feldman Theatre in Blackpool on 27/9/36.
When I'm Cleaning Windows/Keep Your Seats Please.
This is probably his most famous recording alongside the one you have 
and Chinese Laundry blues.

The idea that this was either scandalous or banned, however, has 
never occurred to me.
Over here, it is regarded as a 'family favourite'.

Now another record of his, MR 3161, was recorded in 1939, so your 
estimation of MR 2490 as being recorded in 1937 looks about right but 
until I find that book I can't confirm.


At 12:00 pm -0700 16/4/2011, 78-l-request at klickitat.78online.com wrote:
>Paid a visit to Whistin' Willies today. Among the goodies I was
>surprised to find a George Formby 78 on Canadian Columbia --
>Columbia C670 - Leaning on a Lamp Post (mx. CAR 4655) b/w You're a
>La-i-ty (mx. CAR 4407)
>Its a Sparton pressing that is a bit ugly with a few 'bumps and
>dings' in the run in grooves! (Could this mean it was not a 1937 pressing?)
>These look to match Regal Zonophone mx numbers. I see that Leaning
>was on Regal Zonophone  MR.2490. Can anyone tell me what the original
>Regal Zonophone release was the Canadian B-side? Was this Columbia
>release in parallel with the UK release - as I see it says its from
>the 1937 the film Feather Your Nest? Not even sure if the film came
>out in the USA.
>so -- Second question -- did he see any releases in the USA.
>I am in particular looking for the scandalous and banned When I'm
>Cleaning Windows - -anyone have a catalogue number for that

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