[78-L] Notes on the April-May edition of In The Groove

Tim McCormick Dad at TheMcCormicks.com
Sat Apr 16 20:02:28 PDT 2011


	Michael Evans (our new graphic designer) attempted a design concept
with a few images that normally work for flyers and brochures, but failed to
be artistically communicated in our magazine.  The most obvious use of this
technique was on the Jerry Fabris' article.  Artists like to use free space
and openness.  We antique lovers prefer the security of symmetry.  Pages 42,
44, 45, 47 and 48 are filled with two huge images each.  The upper most
image appears to run off the top of the page as was intended by the graphic
designer.  Very little, if any, of the image is actually missing - the top
of the page bleed completes the image border (you'll be able to see for
yourself what I'm talking about when you get your copy).  Unfortunately, the
technique does not fit the topic.  I'll be receiving a hundred E-Mails
reporting this presumed mistake.

	Michael had to create this issue (his first ITG) from scratch which
took him an enormous amount of time.  The first .PDF proof I received from
Michael was laid-out in signature format, so I could not detect where the
bleed ended and had no idea of his artsy concept.  He provided me the second
proof in my preferred format, and only then did I discover what I assumed
was an error.  By then, we were so close to the "send-it-to-the-printer"
date, and was told that he would have to shrink the images in order to
maintain border symmetry, that I made the decision not to delay the issue an
additional 3 days for delivery, and hoped the larger images would be
beneficial to our readers after all.  Well, now that I have the magazine in
front of me, it looks like it was a printing mistake and not the intended
artistic openness concept that Michael had hoped for.  I have discussed this
with Michael, and border symmetry will be followed in future issues.

	I just told you that I was concerned about getting this issue to the
printer on time. WELL.  We delivered this to Short Run on March 8th.  The
delivery date to Faris Mailing was scheduled for March 28th.  On March 16th,
the printer had massive equipment failure.  Keep in mind, these folks own
multi-million dollar State-Of-The-Art presses and binders.  They finally
delivered ITG to Faris Mailing last Friday, April 8th.  It was mailed on
Tuesday, April 12th.  I received my copy on Thursday.

	Excluding all the challenges of production, this has been our most
ambitious issue that I can recall.  It is 52 pages in length and filled with
fascinating works from some very impressive contributors.  I highly
recommend that you pick up a copy for yourself.



Tim McCormick, President
Michigan Antique Phonograph Society
President at MAPS-ITG.org

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