[78-L] George Formby on the other side of the pond

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sat Apr 16 11:50:41 PDT 2011

Comprehensive it is, but I don't see the Canadian issues! Rust didn't have them 
either..the late Roy Arnold, one of the leading Formby collectors, added them 
in his copy of Rust which I bought from Jim Hadfield.


On 4/16/2011 2:44 PM, Alan Bunting wrote:
> Not sure if it's been mentioned here before but the most comprehensive George Formby Discography (and everything else!)may be found here:
> http://www.georgeformby.org/
> A truly amazing achievemnt!
> Alan Bunting
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>> Not surprising..Sparton released a
>> lot of Formby discs here in the early 40s.
>> First pressings are the soft unlaminated ones, very easily
>> broken, but they
>> stayed in print long enough to be laminated by the mid 40s.
>> 8 sides were
>> reissued in an album on blue label MASTERWORKS (!) in 1950
>> when Formby came
>> here. What is also odd is that I saw my first Canadian
>> Formbys in New York, at
>> Merit. For some reason The Window Cleaner (RZ MR 2199)
>> wasn't issued here
>> (although the later Decca/London version was).
>> You're a Li-a-ty was originally RZ MR 2430, flip is When We
>> Feather Our Nest.
>> RZ flip of Lamp Post is Hi-Tiddley-Hi-Ti Island (info from
>> Rust's Music Hall book).
>> Columbias were imports till CBS set up Sparton as its
>> Canadian presser and
>> distributor in late 1939.
>> dl
>> On 4/16/2011 2:29 PM, agp wrote:
>>> Paid a visit to Whistin' Willies today. Among the
>> goodies I was
>>> surprised to find a George Formby 78 on Canadian
>> Columbia --
>>> Columbia C670 - Leaning on a Lamp Post (mx. CAR 4655)
>> b/w You're a
>>> La-i-ty (mx. CAR 4407)
>>> Its a Sparton pressing that is a bit ugly with a few
>> 'bumps and
>>> dings' in the run in grooves! (Could this mean it was
>> not a 1937 pressing?)
>>> These look to match Regal Zonophone mx numbers. I see
>> that Leaning
>>> was on Regal Zonophone  MR.2490. Can anyone tell
>> me what the original
>>> Regal Zonophone release was the Canadian B-side? Was
>> this Columbia
>>> release in parallel with the UK release - as I see it
>> says its from
>>> the 1937 the film Feather Your Nest? Not even sure if
>> the film came
>>> out in the USA.
>>> so -- Second question -- did he see any releases in
>> the USA.
>>> I am in particular looking for the scandalous and
>> banned When I'm
>>> Cleaning Windows - -anyone have a catalogue number for
>> that
>>> T

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