[78-L] Mommy, why is daddy an archeologist?

J. E. Knox rojoknox at metroeast.org
Fri Apr 15 14:47:54 PDT 2011

Greetings from FixitLand!

Steven C. Barr wrote:

> We need a NEW term to describe record (nainly 78 rpm) record
> collectors/accumulators...! After all, coin collectors can be
> dignified as "numatasits" and atamp collectors as "philatesists!"
> How about an impressive designation for folks like myself
> who own a substantial part of North America's recorded
> history (in my case over 67,000 78's, out of possibly 2,000,000
> or aboput 3,4 %)

How 'bout "phonographers"? Or maybe "audiopiles" (get the 'h' outta  

BTW, you misspelled "numismatists" and "philatelists" (among others,  
but who's counting?) <grin>

Those of us who specialize in record labels could be termed  
phonophilatelists (especially if we collect all the copyright stamps  
on European pressings).

Steve, you've got over twice my cache of records, so my collection  
must only be quarter-vast.

Take care,

"If cats could talk, they wouldn't."--Nan Porter

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